Automotive Security

ISO / SAE 21434 - Road vehicles – Cybersecurity engineering

The scope of the international standard ISO / SAE 21434 is the secure development of connected vehicles.

Based on established frameworks such as ASPICE and ISO 26262, the standard supplements these with cybersecurity engineering. In contrast to functional security, the development lifecycle does not end with the start of production (SOP), but covers the necessary tracking and closure of vulnerabilities over the entire product lifecycle. Key elements are the establishment of a common terminology and cybersecurity risk assessment methods. Overall, this standard enables an industry-wide security by design approach that does justice to the increasing networking and thus vulnerability of vehicles without neglecting established methods.

  • The extended V-model
  • Special features compared to ASPICE and ISO 26262
  • Risk assessment
  • Cybersecurity Assurance Level (CAL)
  • Secure Implementation
  • Secure Testing
  • Cybersecurity Operations.
  • Classification in the existing process landscape
  • Estimation of implementation costs
  • Necessary resources and further trainings known
  • Impact on application projects measurable
  • Terminology and facts are understood
  • Increase of awareness and organizational resilience
  • 1 Day
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