Cybersecurity Introduction

IoT Cybersecurity

The introduction to IoT cybersecurity familiarizes you with the fundamental terms, standards, methods and technical measures for protecting safety critical systems from hacker attacks.

The increasing connectivity of IoT devices such as automotive control units or industrial control units offers enormous business advantages. Nevertheless, fundamental weaknesses are often discovered in safety critical systems, which can have catastrophic consequences if exploited appropriately. As part of a long-term and future-proof strategy, cybersecurity must be integrated into the development and operation of IoT systems. This course offers a specific introduction to the complex and extensive topic of cybersecurity with a focus on IoT. This provides the basis for a common understanding and the identification of further training needs.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Basic cybersecurity principles
  • Malware and attacks
  • Essential cybersecurity controls
  • Cryptography
  • Secure communication
  • Secure product development
  • Laws and standards
  • Terminology and facts are known
  • Understanding for secure IoT development
  • Critical threats and countermeasures are familiar
  • Basis for further training
  • Increased awareness and organizational resilience
  • Classification of relevant standards and laws
  • 1 Day
Attendance fee
  • On request